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Four Ponds Fishing Ltd, has its headquarters in Cow Head, Newfoundland, Canada. The fishing location is on the

Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland.  Fourponds Fishing invites you to investigate an adventure in wilderness


Four Ponds Fishing is designed for the anglers who want good

accommodations and unspoiled areas.  Our greatest asset is a long list

of satisfied anglers.  Check out our reference page for more


Four Ponds Fishing is dedicated to provide you with as much

information as possible, as you plan your trip to Newfoundland.  If you

do not find the information you want from our website, feel free to send

us an e-mail or give us a call.


Clothing - If you are in for the fishing season, which runs from June to September, medium weight clothing is in

order and anglers are advised to bring waders or long rubber boots, a long rain coat or water proof clothing.

Binoculars and Cameras - A good pair of binoculars is most important to your surrounding area - 7X35 is a good

choice.  Four Ponds Fishing is located in a very pristine environment.  A camera is recommended since there will

be many scenes you will want to remember.


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